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Hello guys, we are looking for a native teacher from both oversea and Vietnam for our company.
•    Job: Teaching English for children from 3- 15 years old.
•    Request:
-    International Teaching certificate.
-    Bachelor degree.
-    C1 up or Ielts certificate (7,5+). (No need with native speakers from Canada, USA, UK, Australia or other countries using English as main language).
-    Finishing consular legalization for all docs (Certificate/ Degree/ Passport/ …).
-    Have experience in teaching English for kids at least 1 year up.
-    The accent as native speakers.
-    Docs including: Certificates, degrees, consular legalizations docs, introducing video, other docs if any (pls send scanned versions via email in advance).
•    Benefits:
-    Housing benefit.
-    Fix monthly salary on 100 hours/ month.
-    Work permit and TRC within 2 years and extension.
-    Labor contract with full labor rights.
Other benefits when interviewing
Please contact and send email to: sunkidspleiku@sunkidsvn.edu.vn or contact via phone: ………….
Due date for applying: from on now to 30th August, 2022.
Thank you and have a nice day!

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